How did I get into Northern Soul......??

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More from the interview with Universal Music about my love of Northern Soul. This time they asked me how I got into Northern Soul...... Join me..... Production @streetsofsoul Welcome to my channel. I make lots of music based videos, mainly dancing to really nice music. My music choices are based on having a first love of Soul and Funk music, although I love a lot of different types of music and rhythms. I enjoy sharing this love and making videos to re-imagine those tunes. I try to mix up classics with tunes not so well known, and putting creative and artistic visuals to the tunes can be fun and interesting, and the process of making videos is part of my journey which has led me to do lots of different things. I have released my own CD through Universal Music, and I have worked with many different companies and style brands where Music or Dance has been part of the campaign. I have worked for the BBC on Strictly as a choreographer, and danced with Pharrell at The Brits. I have had Music Radio Shows and I DJ as part of @streetsofsoul and sometime we put on events too!! I love focussing on my You Tube Channel and putting out content and I hope you enjoy it too... don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe for my REGULAR uploads!
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